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Our Mission & Vision


To empower farmers across India with technology and knowledge, enabling them to thrive and contribute to a flourishing agricultural ecosystem.


  • Equip farmers: Provide access to essential information, expert advice, and digital tools to enhance knowledge and decision-making capabilities.
  • Elevate livelihoods: Increase farmer income through direct market access, fair pricing, and value addition opportunities.
  • Champion sustainability: Promote environmentally friendly practices and resource conservation for a long-term, thriving agricultural sector.
  • Transform Tamil Nadu: Drive agricultural innovation and contribute to food security and economic growth within the region. Example : Quality crops lead to fair prices. Tamil Nadu lacks this quality, resulting in low returns for farmers. AgriSakthi helps by connecting farmers directly with consumers, ensuring fair prices and mitigating crop losses through expert advice. This benefits both farmers and the nation. We can get membership fees or we can buy product from farmers and sell them through our agrisakthi